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What is Jet-Lag

According to the American Association of Sleep Medicine, jet lag affects about 93 percent of travelers. When you suddenly change environments the brain’s internal rhythm gets misaligned. While external stimuli tell you it’s day (or night) time, your brain will still function at the ‘home base’ schedule until it gradually adjusts. 

Typical Complaints:

Our Solution

We are the only science-based solution to Jet-Lag. We use reputable studies and physiology to create personalized treatment plans without the risk of prescribed (or borrowed) medication. Every plan is customized by U.S. Board-Certified Sleep Physicians with strategies validated by peer-reviewed research and is consistent with official guidelines.


The Difference

Currently you’re probably doing nothing ( just “managing”), relying on sleeping pills & caffeine, or even trying homeopathic methods (placebo).

Although some of these may (or appear to) work temporarily it’s really not getting to the root of the problem and more likely is covering up the real issues. You are also exposing yourself to potential adverse effects.

With FliteFix you’ll receive an all-inclusive, easy-to-follow solution that will allow you to enjoy your travel without worrying about sleep. With no hidden fee’s, free 3-day shipping and an affordable ($12.99) price- we’re certain you’ll never look back and you will use us for all your future travel.

How it works

Take our 3-minute consultation and receive your all-inclusive treatment plan in 3 days or less.

1. (Free) Online Consultation

Take our 3 minute consultation to relay relevant information about your trip(s).

2. Customized Meds & Plan

Receive your customized plan (including complimentary melatonin and blue-blocking sunglasses) with free 3-day shipping.

3. Travel W/o Jet-Lag

Follow you personalized plan to take your medication and light-therapy before and during travel (all included).

Why we built FlightFix

Jet-Lag is an entirely manageable and easily preventable part of  travel.

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Meet the Team

Dr. Paul Zolty, M.D.

Dr. Zolty is a world-leading sleep physician focused on curing Jet-Lag

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Avi Zolty

Avi is travel connoisseur and entrepreneur

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Andra Lefkovitz

A Psychologist focused on ensuring travel is as seamless as possible

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